Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Proof that I don't Use the Word "Hubby"

I've never liked the word "hubby."  It seems to emasculate everything about being a strong, supportive, loving husband.  I always kind of cringe when I hear people refer to Jesse as my hubby, so I was surprised when he used the word on Saturday night on our way home from Emily's wedding.

"I can't wait til Emily and her new hubby come back from their honeymoon so that we can spend time with them,"  He said.
Unsure whether he had said "hubby" or "honey," I asked Jesse what he had called Arlen.
"Her new hubby..."  He said, somewhat unsure now.  "Well," he stammered, trying to catch himself, "I guess he's been her hubby for a while now.  I meant new husband."

I looked at him with a laugh and explained that "hubby" means "husband."

Surprise came over his face.  "Oh!" He said, "I thought it was like, "honey," or "sweetheart," or something."

Hee hee.  He's so cute!


  1. Awhile back, I read about the scandal that erupted when an author used the term "Daddy God". Yet, in time, scholars validated the young author with the discovery that the Aramaic term "Abba Father" was indeed translated as "Daddy God"...a term used only 3 times in the Bible, each in different circumstances.
    Jesus used this term praying fervently to His "Daddy God", and again later with the disciples. In an age of Jewish piety, an intimate name likening the God of Abraham to an earthly father made a huge impact on the apostles.
    I have used the term "hubby" as a term of endearment to my beloved, free of any hidden agenda to emasculate the positional headship I vowed to subordinate to 28 years ago.
    "I am my hubby's and my hubby is mine" may not sound as hermetic or philosophical as "I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine"...but both are equally effective if meekly demonstrated from the heart that is unmistakably devoted to her "Lord".
    With that said, if a husband and wife agree using a term brings offense to one or the other, omitting its use would be the right and loving thing to do.
    A vivifying subject, Bethany! :)

  2. haha, I hardly use the nickname "hubby". I only thought it was a nicknamed used between women about their husbands, but like in a loving way... for example, I always think of it as a combination of: honey, lovable, and husband. :-) But I never call Matt hubby to his face... cuz then I feel it takes on a different feel. It's such a funny nickname, lol.

  3. That's funny! I'm the same way when it comes to the word hubby. I used to use it as an affectionate nickname, but it was always awkward to me because of how much it was thrown around by women. I much prefer husband, love or best friend. :)


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