Monday, July 19, 2010


Jesse is at the LCMS National Youth Gathering in New Orleans this week.
He calls me every night, and even though he doesn't have time to respond, I've been sending him lots of text messages.

I smiled as I sent one off to him a few minutes ago.  I filled it with all the hugs and kisses that would fit, and laughed as I remembered the first conversation we had about x's and o's.  I've signed many a text message with "xoxoxo" in the 4 years that I've known and loved him, and only this year did I realize my message has not been conveyed.

"What are the xoxoxo's for?" He asked me a few months ago when he got home from work.
"Hugs and kisses!"  I couldn't believe he was even asking me.  Doesn't everyone know what those mean?
"Oh," he smiled and hugged me tight.
"Why?" I asked him, "What did you think they were?"
Jesse shrugged, "Football tactics."

What a guy!!!


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