Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Cheer

Kayleigh found a gift bag that had been left out after a Christmas party the night before.

I love that she finds so much joy in things like playing with a sheet of tissue paper.  (I also love that she helps "Keen!" [clean] up after herself now, too!)

As special as it was to share her First Christmas with her, this Christmas is full of just as much joy--and this year, it's because she does not only simply give us joy by being in our lives (like last year), this year, she creates joy for herself and for us, too.  I love every stage this sweet girl has experienced.  She truly fills our home with joy!


  1. She's a cutie! Our little guy still eats tissue paper and wrapping paper, so he isn't allowed to play with that stuff for two long. It starts to disappear.

  2. That should be *too long.* silly me.

  3. We loved your family's Christmas pictures - her grin really goes from eye to eye!

  4. So cute! She is the perfect combination of you and your hubby - perfectly 50% of each


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